Terms of Delivery

Orders are dispatched after receipt of payment, via Toll Ipec in Australia, with online tracking capability. 

Orders received by 11:00am WST will be delivered the next working day subject to availability. 

Regional deliveries may take up to 2-3 working days depending on location and prevailing conditions. 

Our delivery service includes a single attempt to deliver orders to the street address provided by a Customer (PO Box is not a valid delivery address).

Your authority to leave your order at a designated place will ensure you get your order on the next Working-Day.

Choosing your workplace address would be a much better arrangement given that businesses are open during business hours, and our Courier will not have to return your order to a Depot until alternative arrangements are made.

Goods will not be left at a Customer's premises unless requested to do so by the Customer in writing on the sales order. Goods are delivered only upon receipt of the Customer's or Customer Representaive's signature at the premises nominated by the Customer.

If the premises are unattended, goods will be returned to, and held at the local Toll Ipec Depot until alternative arrangements are made ($27.00 per re-delivery attempt is payable by the Customer) or the goods collected by the Customer during business hours from the local Toll Ipec Depot. The Customer must call the local Toll Ipec Depot to arrange for pick-up.

Packages are dispatched at your own risk but special care is taken to protect goods.

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